Elexx techno remix randomDisco tribal waves

Epic Cure

Date 06.May.2022 . Label Tribal Waves Recordings

Tribal Waves returns with a brand new techno EP by randomDisco. Includes two original tracks, Aponia and Ataraxia as well as remixes from Samuel L Session, CJW, Elexx and Tribal Waves label boss, Zuni.

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Elexx v. Olivier S Somewhat Different Electro

Somewhat Different

EAN 4061707047091 . Date 09.Jul.2018 . Label Teleskopik Recordings

'Somewhat Different' is the 3rd collaboration by Elexx and Olivier S - a combination of dark 808 electro beats with melodic classical piano producing a unique soothing jazzy electronic atmosphere.

Available at Spotify and Apple Music

Elexx v. Olivier S How To Make People Dance Vol1 Techno

How to Make People Dance Vol1

EAN 4250701960615 . Date 21.Jun.2017 . Label Teleskopik Recordings

Second collaboration project between Elexx and Olivier S - "How to Make People Dance Vol1' kicks off with a dirty synth-led funky 808 techno rhythm moving in all directions before slowly morphing into a razor sharp dance floor monster piece.

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Elexx Questionable Activity Electro | Techno

Questionable Activity

EAN 4250887876830 . Date 31.Mar.2017 . Label Teleskopik Recordings

'Questionable Activity'  - A dark minimal electro track, full of rich analog sounds and pulsating TR-808 rhythms, reminiscent of 80s breakbeat records.

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Elexx The Warning Minimal Techno

The Warning

EAN 4250618889719 . Date 30.Sep.2016 . Label Teleskopik Recordings

'The Warning' beautifully combines driving minimal rhythms and analog synthesiser sounds, with a clear preeminence on details and hypnotic driving melodies; all intertwined with parts of Carter's iconic speech from July 15, 1979.

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Compilation Falling Sky Techno

Falling Sky

EAN 4250928337764 . Date 23.Oct.2015 . Label Teleskopik Recordings

Exclusive techno track by Elexx released as part of Teleskopik Recordings 'Year 5+6'.

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Elexx Dark Intentions Minimal Techno

Dark Intentions

EAN 4250701988121 . Date 27.Nov.2013 . Label Teleskopik Recordings

'Dark Intentions' beautifully combines driving minimal rhythms with dark pads and arp like melodies. The flip-side 'Andromeda' is a slower warmer track, full of analog synthesiser sounds, pulsating rhythms and oldskool techno influences.

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Elexx and Olivier S Cupid Remix Tech-House Techno

Cupid Remix

EAN 4250782359636 . Date 31.Oct.2013 . Label Teleskopik Recordings

'Cupid' is a remix by Elexx and Olivier S, originally released by Joe Europe in 2011. The collaboration between Elexx and Olivier S produces a hard dark sound, encompassing driving minimal beats reconstructing the original into a new techno track.

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Compilation Because You Can Techno

Because You Can

EAN 4250618810904 . Date 28.Dec.2012 . Label Teleskopik Recordings

Exclusive techno track by Elexx released as part of of Teleskopik Recordings ‘Years 3+4’ compilation.

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techno elexx born to rock

Born to rock

Date 23.Jul.2012 . Label Audio Counterfeit

The second release for Audio Counterfeit comes courtesy of Elexx with his new track "Born To Rock". The Frenchman delivers once again his well known raw stripped back techno sound but this time cleverly crafted around catchy vocals and a wobbly, grumbling bassline. Balancing between swollen, bold sounding synths and a finely detailed rhythm, it's easy to see why this track is entitled "Born To Rock."

Elexx Alien Rendezvous Minimal Techno

Alien Rendez-vous

EAN 4250605376826 . Date 13.Mar.2012 . Label Teleskopik Recordings

'Alien Rendez-vous' delivers a fine mix of funky old-school minimal grooves and restless arp-like melodies; sure to find a space in many DJ sets. The flip-side 'Morning Before' is a more personal progressive techno track, with a clear preeminence on details and delicate melodic parts.

Available at Spotify and Apple Music

Elexx Just Feel It Electro

Just Feel It

EAN 4250605322182 . Date 13.Oct.2011 . Label Teleskopik Recordings

Funky, hard-hitting, minimal techno breakbeat track with a definitive old school vibe.

Available at Spotify and Apple Music

Elexx Chords Part 1 Minimal Techno

Chords Part 1+2

EAN 4250532534740 . Date 09.Mar.2011 . Label Teleskopik Recordings

'Chords Part 1 + 2' delivers a finely crafted minimal techno sound, both complex and melodic.

Available at Spotify

Elexx - Scotland Street - Minimal Techno

Scotland Street

EAN 4250325319141 . Date 11.Dec.2008 . Label Teleskopik Recordings

'Scotland Street' - two finely-crafted pieces of minimal techno and electro music. A late night “dance-floor filler” release for sure.

Available at Spotify

Life Cycle Elexx

Life Cycles

EAN OL100020602 . Date 10.Jul.2006 . Label Avionix Recordings

'Lifecycles' touches on deep house, detroit grooves and sprinklings of minimal techno. The EP presents an overall charm in it's melodic and upbeat feel with some massive hooks which wouldn't be out of place on a more commercial release.

Elexx's interest in electronic music started in the early 80s with bands such as FGTH, Depeche Mode and Talk talk. Following the explosion of the electronic music scene in the early 90s with the rave movement, Elexx began his DJ career alongside Olivier S playing on their weekly radio show and at various events in France.

In the mid-90s, Elexx relocated to Edinburgh where he continued, over the next two decades, to be active in the electronic music scene. He also began setting-up his own studio and started producing his first tracks. After releases and remixes in the 2000s on various labels, Elexx sat-up the record label Teleskopik Recordings in 2008 looking for a promotional platform for himself and other electronic artists.

The label has since received feedback and support from many international artists such as Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, Digitalism, Dino Lenny, Richie Hawtin, Danny Tenaglia, Steve Lawler, Maceo Plex, Leftfield, Michel De Hey, Agoria, Timo Maas, Technasia , Dennis Ferrer, The Hacker...to only name a few.

Now living in Belgium, Elexx is continuously striving to produce innovative electronic music.


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